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Documentation Required to File for Tax Return

  • - Form W-2.

  • - Form 1099 Misc. or 1099 NEC

  • - IRS Letter 6419 Advance Child Tax Credit Payments Received 2021.

  • - IRS Letter 6475, Your Third Economic Impact Payments.

  • - Check stubs of your work (7 to 12 months of stubs).

  • - Personal identification. (Driver's lincese, Passport, Consular etc...).

  • - Social security card or letter of approval from your Itinerary. 

  • - Birth Certificate of your minor dependents.

  • - School record or transcript (You must have this information to qualify, name of student, name of parents or guardians, address of the student and name and address of the school

  • - Medical Record. (Vaccination record, medical receipts, doctor's, medical insurance card, 1095-B FORM OF YOUR MEDICAL INSURANCE etc...).

  • - Rental Agreement. ( to verify address).

  • -Rent receipt ( 7 to 12 months).

  • Bank statement ( 7 to 12 months statements of account).

  • Receipt of utilities. ( Electricity, Gas, Water, Garbage, Cable and Cellular, also from 7 to 12 months statements of accounts).

  • Form 1098 Mortgage Interest (for people with their own home).

  • HUD-1 or Closing Cost statements ( for people who bought or refinanced their home).

  • Form 1098-T Tuition Statement ( for individuals or dependents who attended college, community college, or trade school

  • Form 1098 Mortgage Interest ( for people who own their property.)

This is a reminder we will need documention for some of our Income Tax Preparations so be prepared to bring papers with you!

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